Wotofo Recurve 24 RDA

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Diameter: 24mm;
Height: 35mm;
Postless single coil build deck;
Adjustable side and bottom airflow;

Innovative Industrial Design:
The Recurve RDA is short with a narrowed middle to form a classic curve. The curve doesnt end at the sleeve part, it extends to the drip tip design. The 810 resin drip tip is also molded into a curve shape that fits just perfectly between your lips when you inhale.

The deck is shaped like a bowl from a sectional view. We utilize dotted air inlets instead of large slotted air inlets for the purpose of softening the airflow as to enrich the flavor. Whats more, the bowl-shaped deck can direct the juice filling right into the juice well when refilling juice through the drip tip.

On the top rim of the deck, there are notches paired up with ridges on the inside of the sleeve to ensure proper air control as well as taking apart the atomizer from mod easily.

Subtle Airflow Structure:
The Recurve RDA utilizes two-directional airflow to enhance flavor production. The design of the inlet air channel is very subtle as it enters horizontally and then slopes down a little towards the center of the deck to avoid juice leakage, making it squonker-friendly while squeezing.

Single Coilers Dream RDA:
The Recurve RDA features a postless single coil design. Four terminals are located at the deck to allow coil mounting for both forward and reverse wrapped coils. There is an included coil lead measurement tool to ensure the perfect coil installation. All is done with ease.

Flavor Chasers Dearest Love:
Tried and tested, the flavor from this RDA is absolutely phenomenal. Each flavor in your juice can be tasted in a strong and rich way. With a relatively small vaporization chamber and an improved airflow design, this RDA reached a higher level in flavor production.

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