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31-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Kit


$13.00 CAD

Details:Features:Mobile phone notebook electrical maintenance tools for small precision screw disassembly.30 precision head is refined from the 45 steel, the first batch of nickel-plated anti-rust sur..

Coil Master 521 Mini V2 Tab Resistance Tester Coil Rebuilding Deck


$34.00 CAD

Details:Driven by a single 18650 battery, Coil Master 521 mini V2 is a handy compact device for all vapers. It is a multi-functional device that acts as an ohm meter, voltage drop checker, rebuilding ..

Coil Master 521 Plus Tab


$63.75 CAD $85.00 CAD -25%

The Coil Master 521 Plus Tab is a totally redesigned and multi-functional device continuing the heritage of former versions of the world famous tab line, in order to dry burn your coil, test the batte..

Coil Master DIY Kit V3


$45.00 CAD $60.00 CAD -25%

The newest Coil Master DIY Kit V3 is a perfect all-in-one kit for DIY users. All tools are High-Quality made to reach various needs of users.1*Diagonal pliers1*Needle-nose pliers1*Stainless steel fold..

GeekVape DIY Mini V2 Tools Kit (7 Pieces)


$38.00 CAD

Details:Package content:1*Diagonal Pliers1*Needle Nose Pliers1*Folding Scissors1*Phillips Screwdriver1*Flathead Screwdriver1*Ceramic Tweezers1*Geekvape Coiling Kit..

Kuro Coiler V2 Tool Kit - Silver + Red


$36.75 CAD $49.00 CAD -25%


Vapeswarm V3 Style Tool Kit


$25.00 CAD

The Vapeswarm V3 style tool kit comes with 1 x slot screwdriver, 1 x t6 allen key, 1 x cleaning brush, 1 x phillips screwdriver, 1 x coil jig, 1 x SS scissors, 1 x ceramic tweezers, 1 x diagonal plier..

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